What Do Our Trainees Say?

TEFL International Tuscany Florence student feedback.

We both attended the TLC TEFL course in Florence in summertime. It was a fantastic experience that taught us a lot. We went there single, knowing nothing about English as a language and nothing about teaching. By the end of the month we had met each other, felt confident and comfortable in the classroom and had made a lot of new friends. We owe a lot to TLC not least because it is where we met, but also it gave us a great foundation as teachers which we have utilized in several jobs since leaving. From being observed and observing others time and time again since leaving TLC, we appreciate the teaching we received more and more because it has given us a head start over so many other teachers. This has allowed us to teach successfully in Italy and China, where we have been able to see some amazing sights together. Over the last year we have been to Florence, Rome, Venice, Beijing and Shanghai and are currently planning a trip to Thailand for the new year. It has been fantastic to see such different cultures in such varied parts of the world. Before doing TEFL we never imagined we would have all the experiences we have had so far and we highly recommend TLC to anybody!

Meri Stead & Michael Cubbin

I learnt more about myself as a public speaker and a classroom manager here than in four years of college. The classroom experience gained here is more than in any university.

Steve Forni

I feel ready to teach my own class. I have grown in so many ways. I feel that I have become more organized in my presentation which is good because the students will benefit from that.

Sarah Cherney

I feel that I have achieved a lot from this course. My confidence and independence has definitely grown.

Adele Cowie

I believe I have acquired a deeper respect for teachers and myself. I have a deeper understanding of the process necessary to conduct an informative enjoyable class. The learning curve was quite remarkable and I believe that I can independently plan and execute a lesson.

Donna Becker

I loved the amount of teaching hours. It was great to hear feedback from various observers and have REAL LIVE teaching practice.

Kristin Nolte

The experience I gained at TLC was invaluable!

Amanda Kotar

The teachers and staff in Florence really care about your success and they make sure you can make it through!

Hannah Selk

I completely recommend TEFL International – great course, great people, and an amazing experience

Samantha Burke

I have grown in confidence in my teaching. I have learnt a lot and learnt from the mistakes I made. I guess I feel as ready as I ever will to teach my own class! This course is really good.

Rachel Dawson

Great learning environment with great teachers. I feel like I am able to teach my own class. I must say it was the best learning experience of my life.

Uzma Manan

I really liked that we had a lot of teaching practice and the opportunity to observe our peers. The course allowed us to learn, practice, and grow as ESL/EFL teachers.

Stephannie Ditanni

This course provided me with everything I would need to know to instruct students of ANY level.

Chloe Newsome

I have found a new confidence in starting to teach. My instructors have inspired me but most of all believed in me.

Tina Cuomo

Having finished this course, I feel I made the right decision in choosing it. It was comprehensive, conducted in a professional manner by experienced staff and provided a lot of support, ideas, and resources for finding a job. I secured my position here in Florence before finishing the course. Thank you to everyone at the school.

Marisa Trio

Not only did I learn to teach in Italy but here at TLC I was surrounded by wonderful and helpful staff. I have met some great people and I will remember this experience for the rest of my life.

Jarrett Boskovich

I have learnt so much and I feel ready to teach at this very moment.

Danielle Rix

I feel a great sense of achievement.

Christine Schembri

Although I have already done some teaching I have learnt a lot from this course. I feel like I have a much bigger “toolbox” of ideas for teaching. I feel more confident after all the teaching practice.

Kate Bray

I really enjoyed the practical teaching. It was a fantastic opportunity to put in to practice all the theory that we had learnt. I have learnt so much about myself on this course and I achieved things that I never thought I would. Previously, I had been so scared about speaking in front of groups but I really enjoyed this part of the experience; it has helped my confidence immensely.

Samantha Crossland

I enjoyed the course and feel ready to teach. I think I have progressed tremendously! Thank you! Do you want to help others to acquire a second language? Come to TLC and in just a month you will feel ready to professionally teach your own class!

Tatiana Stoljarova

The course was full of content and it was great to have so many practice lessons. I feel ready to teach which is a big change from the beginning. I am very proud of how I’ve progressed and feel confident to go out into the working world!

Daisy Brumpton

I was very nervous talking in front of people, and I was very nervous in my first few classes as well. Throughout the course I have become more confident in speaking in front of people and I feel confident enough to teach my own class.

Jessica DiBiase

Great set-up at TLC in Florence! It’s a purposeful learning environment, there’s a small class size, and it was a great opportunity to make new friends.

Denise Law

I have to say that what I gained from the TLC connection was exactly what I had hoped for–and I’m grateful that that happened. I want you to know I’m happy I got to take the course and that the program led me to a full-on experience with a school in Florence that worked out great. I’m excited to [tell you] I gained over 150 teaching hours in about 6 months and I was able to see some improvement in some of my students–the “breakthrough” to to speak of their communicative abilities–very exciting! …So this letter is just to express gratitude and of course thanks for those who made our year positive and a success.

Gio Zanecchia

This was one of the most difficult, most intense things that I have ever done but one of the best experiences!

Derrick Manni

Intense, but the experience of integrating theory and practice can’t be substituted.

Matt Brown

It’s a great course for any aspiring teacher and it was without a doubt the best experience of my life!


The staff is always available and helpful, and the observers are positive and supportive.

Ciara Price

To say I couldn’t have done it without [TLC] would be an understatement. The course made me confident and capable, not to mention helping with the transition into a foreign country. I highly recommend it!

Matthew Perry

Being able to practice teaching was critical and I will feel much more comfortable giving a lesson now. I feel ready to teach.

Tim Hagerty

I feel ready to teach now, I have gained invaluable insight into the teaching profession.

Clem Facchini

The teachers were very patient, supportive, friendly, and professional. I enjoyed the course and I would recommend it to anyone considering teaching English as a foreign language. Great mixture of excellent training and teaching practice. The school organized on excellent program that gave us experience at a variety of levels, ages, and environments.

Karen Pitcher

Everything was great. I really enjoyed the variety of teaching opportunities given to me. The rapport with staff members and other students was really good, supportive, and fun.

Laura Kincey

I have progressed quite a lot throughout the course between improving my directions to effectively managing the class. This has been a great learning experience in every aspect. I feel like I am ready to teach my own class!

Kate McArdell

I didn’t really believe I would be capable of teaching a class in only four weeks. TLC definitely proved me wrong!

Ty Brown

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