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TEFL programs: learn to Teach English as a Foreign Language

TLC offers more than one choice of TEFL program in order to accommodate a diverse student population.
Take a look at our offerings:

This 4-week, in-house program is normally the first step in a TEFL teacher’s career.  Our course is intensive and packed full of both theory and practice. This is our most popular course, and it is appropriate for new teachers, teachers with experience but not necessarily TEFL/ESOL experience, and teachers who are looking to refresh their teaching methods. Take a look at what our graduates have said about the course. All graduates will be awarded the TEFL International TESOL Certificate. SEE MORE

If you cannot commit to a four week course, then our distance TEFL program is a good alternative. We take the material from our TEFL Certification Program and we’ve made it accessible online. In addition, you’ll have LIVE conferences with our trainers and you’ll be expected to complete live teaching practice for which you’ll receive valuable feedback. SEE MORE

After you’ve received your initial training, you may want to specialize in teaching young learners. This short certificate course is for this purpose and it’s available via distance learning or in-house. SEE MORE

Are you a teacher with at least two years of teaching English as a foreign / second language experience under your belt? If so, then our distance TESOL diploma program may be right for you. SEE MORE

You may choose to specialize in teaching Business English, and this short course will prepare you to go in to companies with ease and confidence. SEE MORE

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