TEFL Tuscany has been offering its language students and TEFL trainees top-notch services since 2006 when it opened its doors as The Learning Center of Tuscany. TLC, in conjunction with TEFL International, offers an extremely high-quality TESOL/TEFL certification program and has quickly grown to become a well-respected language and culture center. The locals know about the local language center and continuously refer their family and friends to take part in its offerings.

More About Us

Not only is TLC a TEFL center, in fact, the demand for high-quality services in Florence is great; therefore, TLC has responded and now offers the following services and courses: the TEFL International TESOL certification course, language courses (group and private/individual lessons), and LOW COST English language classes offered through our very own Language Lounge!

Our Vision:

Centro Toscano di Lingue e Cultura believes that the study of language enhances communication, understanding and knowledge and that language and culture are inseparable. We are dedicated to the concept of intercultural exchange through language with the intention to provide deeper cultural understanding and awareness through our language teaching. Therefore, we are committed to offering a range of services that encompass our vision. We believe that language teaching and learning and cultural understanding go beyond the textbook and the classroom, and we seek to provide authentic experiences that will impact individuals as students, future teachers and world citizens. Our goal is to instill a capacity for cultural sensitivity that transcends individuals’ experiences at The Learning Center of Tuscany. Our hope is that this will become and remain fundamental in many aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, travel, and understanding of their individual role in a global society.

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