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Teaching Abroad, Teaching English and TEFL Courses in Florence, Italy – Centro Studi Mugello “TLC”. Our TEFL International courses in Italy are internationally-accredited and recognized by organizations and institutions across the globe.

The mission of TLC and all of its teachers is to provide a top-quality educational experience that is based on sound educational principles and techniques. Our helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff strive to help the individual client and cater to his or her personal learning needs and objectives.

Our goal is to inspire our customers and students to want to go further and to continue down the path toward their personal language discoveries in order to become efficient language learners and instructors.

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Learn how to teach, travel anywhere you like!


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TEFL Courses
TLC offers more than one choice of TEFL program in order to accommodate a diverse student population.  Take a look at our offerings.
Language Courses
TLC currently offers on-site private Italian lessons. Our instructors personalize every moment of your language-learning experience, and are all Italian native speakers.
TEFL Certification
We are internationally-accredited and recognized by organizations and institutions across the globe.

Teaching Jobs in Italy & Beyond Lifetime Job Support

There are many jobs in Italy for TEFL graduates, and the difficult part is finding the one that is right for you!  Job opportunities range from:  general English, business English, English for Young Learners, English for Specific Purposes, summer camps, part time and full time work, private tuition and group courses, and company courses. READ MORE

” I moved to Florence to study at The Learning Center of Tuscany to obtain my TEFL certificate. What I left with was a profound understanding and mastery of the English Language. The lessons I learned at the Learning Center not only helped me find work as a teacher, but pushed me to the next level of superior teaching. I would recommend The Learning Center as an excellent school to anyone wants teaching abroad, looking to become an English Language Teacher or for current English Language Teachers as a way to master their craft. ”

Erik Nelson, via Linkedin

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Through the UNESCO Convention on the Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Degrees concerning Higher Education in the States belonging to the Europe Region 1979, degrees from PCIE will be recognized by nations around the world.
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TEFL Course trainee Dave Hopkins - TEFL Tuscany, Florence Italy

Dave Hopkins has been an administrator, teacher, course developer, and teacher trainer of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) for more than four decades. He holds MA degrees in Teaching Languages and Intercultural Training and Management from the SIT Graduate Institute in Vermont. He has worked and lived in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South East Asia. He was the Academic Director for TEFL International for ten years, and, a Senior English Language Fellow for US State Department in Pakistan in 2010-11. He is currently an English Language Specialist with the US State Dept, and moderator for TEFL International courses worldwide. He teaches in the BA TESOL program at Siam Technology College in Bangkok, and is the Lead trainer for the TEFL International TESOL course in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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